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Should ThePyroPsycho remain an admin?
No, he is a trolling hacker B****** 6

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Owner mycraftminecraft 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 11th Jan 2014
We are now in the month of January and the server is still small in players but is coming together building wise.
The admin are still searching and fixing plugins the server may need and are trying to fix any problems you may have. As of now the admin are hard at work trying to build up the servers economy and build a new world for CTF, while moderators and builders are hard at work in the survival world and trying to build a new hub. This month the server will begin some rewards systems to get people to get on more often; the top 3 voters at the end of each month will receive a rank upgrade, 10k in-game money and a boost in one world. Also if you bring someone to the server any both of you stay the you get 5k and a boost, while they also receive 5k. Also anyone who posts good ideas on the forums will be promoted to moderator on the forums and givin 2 boosts in-game. This month the admin will be advertising, voting, and doing all we can to get more people on the server. We will soon donate to minechat to become a sponsored server and get even more people on! If you read through this then please stay on to watch the server grow and prosper, also veterans to this server will receive many benefits and ranks.

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