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Should ThePyroPsycho remain an admin?
No, he is a trolling hacker B****** 6

Yes, He is a good admin 3

9 votes
ZayinYod in SMITE
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Joined: 10th Jan 2014
Rank: Owner
Likes 4
21st Dec 2014

Name: Glenot
Best Characters: Odin (4), Chronos (2), Xbalanque (1), Zhoung kui (0)
Odin k/d 0.89 average 2 deaths per game
Chronos k/d 1.2 average 12 kills a game
Xbalanque k/d 0.98 average 10 kills a game
Zhoung kui k/d 1.0 average 6 kills a game
Will team with anyone at all.
Level 20
Fav gamemode: Joust, Conquest if not soloing
Forum » Apply for Builder! » SMITE forums
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